Frequently Asked Questions

What are Electromagnetic Fields and what does EMF Consulting entail?
I measure the 4 major kinds of EMF, throughout the house and property, and common areas of an apartment building, if applicable.

•  AC Magnetic from power lines, transformers, wiring errors, current on metal water pipes, and refrigerators
•  AC Electric from lamps, house wiring, and power lines.
•  Radiofrequency from smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, radar, and cordless phones. This type of EMF travels through the air.
•  Dirty Electricity from compact fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, and energy efficient appliances. This type of EMF travels through the wires of the house.

I then focus on lowering the EMF, in the sleeping areas of the home, so your body can rest and repair itself while you sleep at night.

I can also lower the EMF in the home office, if necessary, or in any other area of the home, where you or other family members spend many hours of the day.

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